Using Adobe Lightroom with Flickr Uploader

My everyday laptop runs Ubuntu, however for photo editing, I still use and prefer Photoshop. Now since I’ve gone digital, I’ve gone out an bought Adobe Lightroom. I also use Flickr a lot, so I wanted to work flickr uploader into LightRoom. One trick Adobe missed was having a decent plugin system for Lightroom, hopefully they will reconsider this in subsequent releases, however I suspect they will want to run their own little Flickr clone at some stage.

Anyhow, to get flickr integrated into lightroom, simple do the following

  1. Download and install Flickr Uploader
  2. Copy the desktop shortcut created and paste it to c:\Documents And Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Export Actions
  3. Fireup Lightroom
  4. Select a photo, then select export
  5. At the bottom of the export window, in Post Processing, select Flickr Uploader
  6. Your done

Its making my life a lot easier already. Enjoy.