Network Manager & Open VPN Servers On Port 443 Fix

Now, after yesterdays post, I decided to play a bit more and set up an Open VPN connection to a remote site. Luckily the site was running the excellent IPCOP with an Open VPN service, however it was configured to run on port 443.

Searching high and low in the Network Manager applet on Ubuntu Heron, I could not find an option to connect on a specific port number. Bruised, I dumped my Open VPN config into /etc/openvpn and brought up the link manually.

Today, as I sat behind a fresh install of Open SUSE 10.3, I decided to set up the link again using Network Manager, just to see if it was Ubuntu at fault. Sure enough, there was no option to specify the port number that the client should connect.

Fixing the issue is however straight forward enough to do. Open a terminal window and then enter in the command “gconf-editor &“. This will fire up the gnome version of a “windows registry” (note I use that is a very lose way).

Click on “System” then “Networking” and the “vpn_connections“. You should have given your vpn connection a name, something easy to identify I hope. So click on that too. You will see on the right hand side a window populated with various name and value pairs. This is where the configuration of your VPN is kept.

The very last key value pair should be called “vpn_data“. Double click on that and a new dialog box will appear. Click on “Add” and enter in the word “port” then click on “Ok“. Now click on “Add” again and this time enter in “443” (you can enter in any port you like actually, but the one that your Open VPN server runs on is best here 🙂 ) and then “Ok“.

Its probably best to close Gconf Editor now, as you should not need it. Restart the network manager if possible, I actually done a reboot, but its not necessary (You can tell where my computer lineage started). You should now be able to click on the Network Manager applet and start the Open VPN connection without any problems.

Note, that if you reconfigure the Open VPN settings using Network Manager, you will need to repeat the above steps as when the config is saved, your old one is over written. I am sure there is a way around that.