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As expected, yesterday’s tech news was largely dominated by the Apple iPhone announcement. But what was interesting to see was the effect the announcements had on the social network.

For those of you whom are not aware, APP.NET is a Twitter clone that is user funded. Recently closing a kickstarter style project to raise 500K to get the service bootstrapped.

The method we used was only monitor newposts (Similar to tweets but longer) and send the resulting post to Rush Hour for analysis in real time. Development time was circa 40 min last Sunday to integrate with Rush Hour. We do fail on some posts, but theses are just a handful and well within the +/- 3% deviance we permit ourselves at this stage.


We’re still building Rush Hour and as such consider all these numbers below as provisional. While we’re pretty confident we are seeing everything, beta means bugs, things get missed, twisted etc. So please do take these numbers with a pinch of salt.

Service Usage

The hours up to the event were pretty normal usage for Keep in mind, its users are early adopters and limited in numbers. The last reported figures being north of 17,500 (

During the day excluding UTC 17:00 and UTC 18:00, the time of the Apple event, the average posts per hour (PPH) were approx. 492. Including the posts made during the event, the average PPH increased to 593. This is a rise of circa 20.5% in activity.

Taking the same hours from the previous day, there was an approximate combined total posting of 1266. During the apple event, the combined postings was approximate 3418 postings. That’s an incredible increase of 169.98%.


What we also measure is user engagements. The previous day, the average over the same hours was approx. 944. During the ever, engagements increased to 2582.5. This is an increase of 173%

We also see that user-to-user engagements, (Better known as mentions where a person @’s someone to engage in a conversation) increased by 64.7% from the same period the previous day. During the hours on Tuesday, there were an average of 702.5 user-2-user interactions while during the event, the average increased to 1156.5.

The top users other users were engaging with during the event were;


Clients is still quite new, and therefore the client base is quite small, approx. 75 different clients/scripts using it. In keeping with the general daily trend IFTTT (If This Then That) seems to be the client of choice for most appnetters. Thus indicating that users are cross posting to other social media and not considering as their primary social conversation point.

Aplha (Main website of client)

Other Points of Interest

Hash tag usage perhaps was the biggest increase. There was a 366.66% increase in tag usage from the same period the previous day. Top 5 hash tags during the two hours were;


Link sharing however increased only by 7.5% during the event from the previous day. Top 4 links shared during the two-hour event were largely unrelated to the Apple event.


What we can see here is clearly the effect an Apple event has on a social network. It would be interesting to compare these figures against those from Twitter and Facebook. Alas, having been requested by Twitter to cease and desist from performing analytics on their service, we are unable to give you a comparison to a more popular service.

What we can tell for is that its fledgling service is doing okay with its community. While the figure of 17500 registered users in August is disclosed, our analysis indicates that approx. 11.4% of these were active yesterday, 8.9% the previous day. While this figure may seem small, from our previous research on Twitter, this would hold to be a reasonable engagement rate. What is really positive that only after a few weeks in service, there appears to be a loyal community being built up around the service, with an engagement rate not dissimilar to other larger social networks at further period in their development.

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  1. Interesting read, I was one of the off-liners due to work so missed it all but it’s good to see there was a good level of interaction among the community as that’s one of the things I liked about early day Twitter

  2. Yes, its the freedom and the community that are really drawing me into ADN. I think it will be a hard road, but already I can see the value that its bringing in forming new contacts with like minded people.

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