Eircode Limits Be Gone!

If you are not in the know, Ireland just got its first post code system.

However it is of little use to any member of the public or even transport businesses. Already FedEx, DHL, UPS etc have all said they will not be using it.

No only has it cost the tax payer (i.e. Suckers like me and you) 28 million, but its contracted out to a private company for administration. This means their commercial interests are served first. Thus, if you are an Irish Citizen, not only have you paid for this bad system, you cannot use it more than 15 time a day! Say Whaaaaat?

Yes, well the company behind it, really want you to keep coming back to their site, so later on they can say in a press release how successful they are because they got XYZ no hits. Thus proving Eircodes are a success. Well bollix to that.

Drag the link below to your browsers bookmarks bar. When you visit http://finder.eircode.ie and get the search limit warning, simply click the bookmark and YOLO limits be reset to 0.

Reset Eircode Finder Limit

N.B. This is not illegal, you are resetting your browsers cookie here. If they don’t know how to track properly, how are they supposed to get a post code system right?

You could also get rid of limits by deleting the EircodeFinder cookie they set on your browser (For tracking purposes, even if you do not consent, something which is against the law. They are tracking how many times you use the service)

If you really want to know, http://www.openpostcode.org/ exists, it was given to all the people of Ireland for FREE, as in FREE BEER.

Yup, it may have cost 2 million or so to implement, but we would know, because its open and transparent, where we are, the sequence we are in etc etc, way more useful…