Currently, I am working on a number of commercial projects. Therefore my time is limited for my own private projects. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see an update in a good while. Its not dead, just lots happening in the background..


Rush Hour

A real time action and event engine. Consumes real time streams, delayed streams, feeds etc from almost any data application and and provides statistical analysis on it. Rush Hour also provides an event engine, allowing a notification to the consuming endpoints when a threshold trigger is met.

Run against a large popular micro blogging platform for over a year, it collected and analyzed over 1.4 billion posts and 10 million users averaging approx 11 million actions a day as a proving ground. Now its back into stealth mode with final development underway.

Update 2015: I’ve stopped working on Rush Hour and begun the process of closing it. While a cool idea, it just is not they type of thing you can fund on your own.

Current Status: Closed

Druid DNS

DNS is one of those darker areas even advanced internet users have issues with. Druid DNS aims to change that by providing a simple to use and wizard driven interface to DNS zone management. Full white label support out of the box it aims to be an easy to use replacement for bind based servers for hosters too.

Current Status: Slow Burner