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Over two decades of robust experience in IT and tech operations, I've spearheaded various innovative ventures and scaled challenging operational terrains. As the owner Ram Jam Irl Ltd for 8+ years, I've championed seamless tech integrations, ensuring products roll out on schedule, even when the deadlines are the most demanding.

Before that, as the Founder of Rush Hour Analytics, I dived deep into the realm of real-time event analytics, while also wearing multiple hats - from coder to presenter.

My earlier roles have seen me delve into complex infrastructure system architectures with Workday, strategize and implement IT services at Firecrest Clinical, and oversee global IS services at Eirteic Consulting. From managing multi-vendor platforms to developing web services stack, I've been at the full stack since before it was a thing. When you think of a battle-hardened techno-warrior, think of me.

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