I am currently an independent contractor and run my own consulting service (http://ramjam.io/). Here I work for many different companies, from one or two man operations, to large multi-nationals, assisting them with all sorts of problems. From message delivery systems to scaling and everything else you can think of. Its a nice way to work and the experiences and teams I meet are second to none.

Prior to RamJam I have;

  • Started a cloud analytics company, Rush Hour, which alas never got very far but was a good learning experience
  • EMEA Operations Manager for Marketo
  • Internet Infrastructure Architect for Workday
  • Platform Services Delivery Manager for Firecrest Clinical (Later acquired by Icon PLC)
  • MIS Manager (Loved that title) for a great Cork based company called Eirteic Consulting
  • Network Manager for the now defunct Internet Business Ireland
  • Web Master (Back in the day when it was a job title) and Systems Manager for the now consumed (By Ericsson) Broadcom Eireann Reasearch

Raised in Kildare & Dublin, in Ireland, in 2012 I moved to the nice town of Mikołow, Poland where I struggle at learning Polish.

I travel a lot between Ireland and Poland, as well as the rest of mainland Europe and the US. I used to get time to take photos, but alas, like many things, as you get older and more busy, things get dropped.

I can be found on most of the popular sites under ajmckee.

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